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we love this exaltation; we live on fascination.

'til you say no more
L E T ' S P L A Y D R E S S U P
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love it or leave it.

I'm a second year student at Earlham College. My major is/will be Japanese Studies, and if I can ever fit it in, I'll minor in TESOL. I love my school and what I study, even if I'm a slacker. On the side, I'm trying to teach myself Korean (and am failing slightly). Recently I've realized my love for GYARU fashion (specifically HIMEKAJI) and would rather spend my time flipping through magazines on the couch. I'm easy to get along with, I promise. ;)


I'm a Big Bang & SHINee stan (VIP & Shawol), first and foremost. I honestly like a lot of shit, but it would be useless trying to list all of it here. Jiyong, Taemin, and Key are who I stan hardcore. (Ignore the banner to the left. I made it a while ago and still like it lol) If you at least like these aforementioned groups/people, we'll get along just fine. I'm not picky about my music and am fond of other groups (and some of their members) in K-POP and J-POP. I also adore Miura Haruma and Masuwaka Tsubasa. I pay attention to a lot of fashion and drama. :)
CSS LinkProfile CodesI do still dabble in photoshop, but have gotten out of practice. Hopefully I can take some time out of my ~oh so busy schedule~ to practice and then whip up a few things from time to time.

It's weird, but I have a thing for watching Taemin eat...

why am I like this...?